Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What we've been doing

We've had a stomach bug here at our house making the rounds. All three girls were hit hard but for some reason Eily never bounced back. Finally, Sunday afternoon, I took her to an outpatient clinic.
They did a urine sample and some blood work and sent us on to the ER.

We were in that room for a couple of hours and then they finally moved us up to the pediatric floor. It was so nice to have a comfortable place to lie down.
Eily never liked the IV in her arm but she was very good to leave it alone and not mess with it. I did catch her chewing the hose a couple of times.
Uncle Josh came by the next afternoon and brought her a new toy. Meet Ellie Mae, the dog.
Ellie Mae comes with a carrier, a food dish, food and a comb.

We were both so glad when they finally told us we could go home. We missed our family.

My favorite view at the hospital:

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