Sunday, February 27, 2011

Claire's Bedtime Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day. It was a very wonderful day. Thank you that I got to see my cousin, Lillie, who I love so much. I got to see her three times. At her house, in our car and at church. And I really only hate Satan. But I love God and I want to obey Him but sometimes I can't. But I always try hard.


nanny said...

Ahhhh. That girl just warms my heart!

Aima said...

I love it!

Debbi said...

I just read this to Bubba! took our hearts! She is so special.
I've got to get another box in the mail. she called and requested one. Said it didn't matter what was in it, she just likes when the "man comes to the door with the box" and they get to open it"!LOL Gotta love her!!

Katie said...

Love her! Sweet prayer..