Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Pointless Post

We are up and going today. You know how I feel about that? Negative. I want to be lying in the bed with the covers up to my chin like my husband is doing right now. Lucky duck. But on the other hand, the girls are so funny this morning and I am cracking up listening to them play. These days, everything is said in a British accent. My name is Motha. Except to Eily who just informed me that she has a different mother. Said mother has yet to make an appearance to help with breakfast or take her turn as the parental figure that isn't in bed. Some mother.

Yesterday we went to Booneville so that Elaina could have a piano lesson and so that I could grocery shop sans children. (Thank you, mom.) I was up all the night before trying to breathe and stay hydrated. I was not feeling up to pushing the 50lb. fake car all around Harps while keeping the one child that doesn't get to "drive" convinced that being my co-pilot and sitting in the front basket is the best way to ride. It's a thin argument and usually is effective for about two rows. Then I have to rotate children and by the time we are leaving I have lost a few pounds in sweat and my back feels broken. But hey, we walk out with organic and gluten-free food so I guess it's worth the agony. Normally. But not yesterday. I just couldn't do it. So this morning Elaina panicked halfway through her waffle when she realized, "This is gluten!!!!!" After I explained the situation she calmed down and admitted that really, those were her favorite kind anyway and secretly she was excited about eating them. It's the small things that make life special.

I had to take a shower at about 10 o'clock last night. When you are The Walrus and have a watermelon sitting on your bladder and a hacking cough......
Well, unpleasant things can happen. And they did. And it wasn't pretty.
So I showered and went to bed with wet hair which means this morning I'm sporting the wildest hair this side of the Mississippi.

I guess I need to go do something. Have a great Tuesday!


Debbi said...

Hilarious! I was going to ask about Gluten free foods for Elaina for this weekend.
I'm just going to have things for Me, Elaina, and Kara....that are a choice?? I'm learning!!!!
I feel Elaina's excitement, even though I didn't have the gluten free waffles.ha. I do have gluten free waffles int he freezer that she can eat. Gonna make a gluten free cake as well.
Eily is hilarious! She needs a prince. priceless...don't we all!LOL

nanny said...

Great post again. I do like reading these. I use to sit and listen to all of you when you were deep in play. The only hard thing to endure when you all were playing together is when you decided to have a 'store' and take all the clothes out of the closet and hang them everywehre in your room for 'people' to come buy. I usually had to close my eyes and pretend that you really did not do all that.