Friday, March 18, 2011

This warms my heart so much.

I have waited a long time to walk into a room and see this. My heart became so excited. A love of reading is priceless. And besides that, I HAVE A CHILD THAT CAN READ. Unbelievable.

Ok. And I have to admit that I'm a little excited that Amelia Bedelia has once again entered my life.


Katie said...


Debbi said...

awesome and precious....she is a special girl!!!!

Eily was so cute, she called me and said her sandals came...the U.P. man brought them!:) she left out the S. and it made it so much cuter.
Then she said "thank you...bye" and hung up!HAaaaa

nanny said...

I love to t-shirt that she has one. Makes reading that much more fun!

Wanda said...

I absolutely ADORE this picture and all that it means... I just keep looking at it with so much pride and joy.

rachel tsunami said...

oh yes. oh yes. oh yes. this is monumental, really. a new era. and there will be read alouds to the younger ones, and all the sweet endorphins will be yours when that happens. make sure you have a tape player on hand with blank tapes. surely they still make those.