Monday, January 23, 2012

10 days later...

I love Mondays. I do! For me, they are like New Year's all over again. Except the staying up to midnight part that, if I'm being honest here, doesn't really apply to me anymore now that I'm "old." I just don't really have the gumption to voluntarily stay up that late. Anyway, I love a good Monday because it's a fresh start. A new beginning.

We had a great weekend but you can't hear about it yet because I took pictures and I want to include them in the post. Jason took the camera with him this morning so I'll try to remember to upload them tonight.

On a more wonderful and exciting note....wait for it.....Nora sleeps through the night now. Mahvelous dahling, simply mahvelous. This of course means that I can actually drag myself out of bed at a decent hour which means possibly more posts. It also means more alone time with Claire because she always wakes up about 30 minutes before the other girls. It makes for a sweet morning.

Nora is growing. At her nine month checkup, she was in the 90th percentile on her height and the 86th on her weight. She's a large girl. And so very, very happy. Last night, when I put her in her crib she started crying but it didn't last very long and Claire just told me that last night, she didn't want to just lie in her bed and listen to Nora cry so she sang her a Rudolph song until she went to sleep. It reminds me why I love that my girls share rooms.


Pearl said...

That is so precious. And I'm very excited for you, about whole lovely nights full of sleep!

So, it is now tonight; where are the weekend pics? Come come! :)

Pearl said...

Haha...yeah, I totally appreciate the ridiculousness of *me* urging *you* to hurry up with posting pictures. :) ::bows head in shame::

(But in case you were wondering, I'm taking this opportunity, of D having a week on the night shift and me sitting up most of the night because I don't want to go to bed by myself, TO-- ::dum-da-DUMMM!:: --go through all our yet unsorted pictures (that's literally a whole year of pictures) and get them all where they're supposed to be. About which I am very excited.) (Better late than never. I hope.)

JCrew Mama said...

How sweet is that??!! Were you really up blogging at 5:25am? Wow do I feel like such a sloucher!

JCrew Mama said...
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Debbi said...

Claire is the perfect room mate for Nora.She is so nurturing. Even as a baby....she has a special personality!!
So glad Nora is sleeping all night. i wish I could see her:( and all of them! God bless you all!!