Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A list

When there is nothing to write about, I make a list.
  1. I would of had something to write about if I had downloaded the pictures like I meant to.
  2. The girls are going to be in a play this spring. Make plans now to attend. Details forthcoming.
  3. We are finished with the remodeling of the schoolroom and entry way.
  4. As soon as my cousin finishes building my bookshelf, I can organize.
  5. This is a very, very good thing. As I have stated before,
  7. I need a haircut. Should I continue growing it out or get it cut in a short style?
  8. I have teeny, tiny biceps now.
  9. They are hilarious.
  10. I love cream cheese.


Pearl said...

I think you should keep it short because you always look completely smashing with it short, and you always feel better with it short, and also because it's perfect on you. That's my vote.

nanny said...

I would have said grow it out cause you look good that way too but 'Pearl' is right when she said you feel better with it short. I guess I will have to sit on a fence on this vote.

Debbi said...

and when it's long, it's too tempting to wear a ponytail and feel frumpy:)
i'm sitting here today....wearing a ponytail and feeling frumpy!HA
Jason loves it short, ask him??/