Sunday, March 04, 2012

She riseth also while it is yet night

This afternoon I was thinking about how much better our days would be if we all got up at six in the morning. Instead of our routine taking up the better part of our morning and school not starting until ten, the chores could be finished and school could start at eight or nine. Some of you might be thinking that three hours on chores sounds ridiculous but let me tell you something... it takes a long time to fix breakfast, eat breakfast (this takes longer than anything else), get dressed, brush teeth, make beds, pick up rooms, feed Nora and clean up the kitchen.

Anyway, I was thinking at least if I didn't get the girls up at six, Jason and I could get up and I could have breakfast made and have myself ready for the day before the girls got up. That should shave an hour off the morning duties at the very least. And that way, I'm not putting off getting dressed until ten since that is the first moment I have for a shower. Then I realized that it's not likely that Jason is going to get up at six if he doesn't have to. Neither one of us are morning people. My first feeling when I had that thought was irritation that I knew before asking that the answer would be no. Then I thought of the verse in the title of this post. I realized that it isn't his job to get up so early, before he really has the need to get up. It's my job to rise early and ready the house for the rest of the family. It's my job to be prepared so that our days are as smooth and productive as possible.

It's my job to be virtuous.

So I came up with ten things that I want to try to implement this week.
It's a little intimidating to list them here before you all but I think it will be a good incentive for me. Here they are:

1. Get up early before everyone else to prepare breakfast, shower and dress, read, etc...
2. Get girls up earlier for a more efficient and producive day.
3. Be more aware of other's needs. Implement this awareness in my children.
4. Be home more.
5. Memorize more scripture with the girls.
6. Exercise with the girls every day.
7. Pray in private every day.
8. Write Lynn every week.
9. Read aloud to girls every day.
10. Cook a "J" meal once a week.

So there they are. I wouldn't mind a little encouragement here and there.


Chad & Bonny Day said...

You are a good writer! I think your goals are wonderful! I think I will make some goals for myself, thank you for the inspiration!

AMAY said...

What a wonderful list compiled by a loving wife and momma! I also need to implement a earlier wake up time. It is so easy to fall into a bad habit when homeschooling, but when Hannah was in public school, I awoke at 6:00 and she at 7:00. I remember being amazed at how much I got done in the mornings. You can do this, and once it becomes a new habit, you will love it. You have inspired me to set my alarm clock tonight! God Bless!

nanny said...

Wonderful thoughts and great goals that I know you can do. You are that kind of person that once you set you mind to doing something, it will get done. You are an inspiration to an old mom.

Melanie Hodges said...

You can do it! Not only can you do it, if there is a day where you can't, you are not a failure! Just try and try again! It is true that once you do it, it will be come a habit and everyone will fall into your new routine! Love you and hope this is encouraging!


Debbi said...

well the virtuous women, probably doesn't get encouragement when she most needs it! your children will call you blessed:)....later!LOL
I always got up one hour early for shower and prepare brkfast when the boys were helped ME to not feel stressed. Plus a cup of coffee in peace was always nice:) Now, I get up when I feel like it. No more 5am mornings. I did that from 1980 to 2000! AND I too am not a morning person. May God bless all the moms out there and give you the grace to perform mommy duties:)
Love you Bek, BeBe