Friday, October 26, 2012

Here's what happened. I took the time to download all the pictures from the good camera and I don't know where they went. I can't find the folder anywhere. So until I have time time to reload them on the computer, you'll get posts about something else.

I'm doing a bit of a home tour this morning. My house is by no means perfect. It's not decorated in my "dream" way, but I think it's pretty homey and it has some items that I really enjoy looking at. (How could you type that sentence but not have it end in a preposition?)

Jason gave me this painting for our anniversary. I love it and it's not often I get to keep a painting.

I love this lamp. I got it at TJMaxx on the clearance isle. I love my little tooth box. It has quite a lot of teeth in it already.
This is a new addition. My cousin, Kathryn, made this tree in her pottery class. I think it's an artsy jewelry holder.
I have a big girl dresser. Sometimes that cracks me up.
One of my favorite pictures of the girls. Elaina was two, Claire was one and Eily was... younger than that.
This is a picture of me from second grade. Jason likes it.
These are our bedside lamps. They were another TJMaxx find. I think they're purdy. And cool.
Our bed. I like the pillows. They are from Target. At night, when the lamps are turned on, this part of the room has a very calm/serene/soothing feel. I like white walls.
Jason's current reading stack.
A gift card. He's been winning those a lot.
Pinterest find. I needed a way to store the girls' toothbrushes in the main bathroom. It looks better than what the picture shows.
When Jason worked at the FSAC, he found this old print in the attic and the bosses told him to throw it out. He brought it home to me instead. It looks nice in the bathroom. These two have become like old friends to me.
Well that's it for now. There are still a few items that I want to show you but at some other time. One of my favorite things broke yesterday. I'm sad. :(
I exercised yesterday. It was like a breath of fresh air. Then I came home and ate some candy corn.
Oh well.


Chad & Bonny Day said...

I liked that post. I might copy you someday.

Rachel said...

I love that lamp

Drewba said...

Sniper is a good book, haha,

and that dancing couple looks like darcy and elizabeth

Debbi said...

loved this post. I see Elaina BIG TIME in your little girl pic.
love all your things:)