Monday, October 15, 2012

Over the weekend

This Saturday I had a check list and I was motivated to cross off the items listed on it. They were as follows:
Make laundry detergent
Pick up house
Finish laundry (Doesn't it seem like I say I need to do that every day?)
Iron shirts
and this one, *shudder*, Switch Eily's clothing from summer to winter. I've decided to try something new this time and just do one child's clothing at a time. We'll see if it's any easier.

So anyway, I was going to tackle that list but Leah called and she and Mom wanted me to come paint Daddy's study. I'm up for anything that helps Mom with her House Refreshment Program so Sarah came and got the older three girls and Nora and I headed out for Booneville. We really got a lot accomplished. We stained the steps that go down into the utility room, we painted the room a very pretty gray color, we had Seth uninstall the old wall heater that isn't needed anymore and also the control box that was on the wall. We bought new, pretty light switch plates and encouraged Mom to think about new curtains that would match and not be faded in the back. It was a good day and then after supper, Nora and I headed to Greenwood to get the other girls and then finally started for home. We all crashed as soon as we could and slept long and hard.
On Sunday, we woke up to a messy house but before we left for church we had all the rooms picked up and I even got to take a shower! To some of you that may not seem like that big a deal, but when you are the only adult and there are four little ones that need breakfast and dressed and hair fixed and you have to be out the door by 9:45am, it's a big deal. (I will admit though, I left for church with soaking wet hair. At least it was clean.) After church we went to Mom's again and ate lunch. Nora took a nap and we sent all the other children outside to play for the afternoon. At one point they all came in shouting about a snake and when we went out to investigate, we found a little green grass snake in the driveway. Now, you think we would have just picked it up by the tail and tossed it over the fence into the pasture, but your thought would be wrong. I got a long stick but when I tried to scoop it up it just fell right back off onto the ground. Mom got a jar and when she tried to get him to slither inside, he turned and started towards her feet. We all screamed appropriately and jumped and shouted and made quite a racket. Daddy came out just then and laughed at us and then picked it up by the tail and took it over near the tree line. Men are brave. I'm glad we have men.  Then we cleaned up for church and loaded up all the kiddos. After church, we all hung around outside while Uncle Evan's branch of the Green family went into the lunch room for cupcakes. Jesse and his wife, Jessie, are expecting and they were announcing to the family whether it is a boy or a girl. The filling of the cupcakes was pink so, Girl! We all smiled and said, "Hooray" and congratulated the couple. Then we left for home where I fed the mouths of five hungry tummies (Eli came home with us) and then put everyone to bed. Kind of like Old Mother Hubbard except no spankings were involved.
Around four this morning, Claire came in with a tummy ache and so that pretty much ended my sleep for the night. But despite that, here I sit, raring to go, drinking my Spark and mentally making a check list and doing everything I can to avoid taking my fiber drink. Jayger is here now and Rachel should be here before long to drop off Ryan. That would bring the score to THEM-7 ME-1.

It's about to get real up in here.



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I dub thee, WONDER WOMAN!!!!

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