Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving is over. It's my favorite holiday every year and this year is no exception, but it seemed very short this time around. By Saturday, a stomach virus had started making its way through the crowd and people were dropping like flies. So far, it has avoided our family, although Jason did feel very nauseous Sunday morning.  I'm crossing my fingers that somehow we managed to hide from the germs. (Logan did throw up in the sink at our house so it's not very probable. I'm just going to continue to think positive.)

Sunday morning, as Kathryn was taking a shower, water started pouring in from under the toilet again. It was A LOT of water. Our plumber is supposed to come today or tomorrow to replace some of the line so we left the house, went to church and then went to my mom's house for the rest of the afternoon. After evening services, my oldest brother came over and cleared the line so that we could at least use the commodes. I still keep running back to check my bathroom floor every time someone flushes or turns on the sink. I've become paranoid about the whole thing.

Another week of school is starting and I need to get in the schoolroom and start the lessons. Have a great Monday!

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