Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

This has to be quick because it's 9:13 am and we haven"t even started school yet and there are still a couple of hooligans that are wearing their pajamas.
Here are a few things I have thought of this morning.

1) I think it's ridiculous when a young, newly wedded couple buys nice, fancy, forever furniture. Unless they aren't wanting to have children.

2) I thought of this I was was writing a note to a friend and saw the ink all over my coffee table.

3) For the record, Jason and I have never bought any nice furniture except the bookcase in the schoolroom that my cousin custom built for us, and I don't plan on getting any nice furniture for a few more years. What's the point?

4) The weather is amazing. Windows are being opened as soon as I get the morning started.

5) Nora keeps waking up dry and so we are able to make it to the potty each morning. I'm hoping she catches on soon how this all works so that I can actually start training her.

6) I feel a need to plant something.

7) We have a lot of church scheduled for this week and I'm really looking forward to the meetings. 

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