Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our "Memu" for the week

I think since I actually sat down and planned a menu this week, I'm just going to type it up here instead of taking pictures each meal.

Refrigerator clean-out

B- granola cereal
L- pb&j, carrot sticks, kettle chips
S- popcorn, mixed fruit
S- Roast with veggies

B-popovers/apple slices
L- applesauce/orange slices/pretzels/shredded chicken/carrot sticks
S- popcorn/apple slices
S- Slow cooker flank fajitas/ whole-wheat tortillas/ cheese/ avocado/ cilantro/ spinach leaves/ sour cream

B- pancakes/ banana slices
L- grilled cheese, steamed broccoli, apple slices
S- yogurt with granola, honey and frozen fruit
S- Spaghetti/ broccoli & cauliflower/ cantaloupe

B- Granola cereal/ fruit
L- leftovers
S- apple slices and pb
S- leftovers

B- oatmeal/ cereal
L- pb&j/kettle chips/ strawberries
S- cinnamon apple slices
S- Chicken and rice casserole/ green beans/ salad/ applesauce

B- oatmeal/ cereal
L- enchiladas/ refried beans/ brown rice/ green beans
S- popcorn/ strawberries
S- grilled cheese/ apple slices/ carrot sticks

Of course, we don't always eat these meals in the order that I write them, but I just put a check mark by the meals we have eaten and it helps me know what ingredients I still have in my pantry and refrigerator. Hopefully, this will help with ideas when your tummy comes calling!

P.S. Any any new meal/snack ideas would be greatly appreciated. I get stuck in a rut and we eat the same things over and over again. Preferably, nothing processed, or at least a menu that I can adapt.

P.P.S. Hey Mama's, need school lunch ideas? There are some great ones here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

I like the links to the bean recipe. I want to try that.

caitlin said...

lately, we've been relying on black bean enchiladas and lentil stews of all kinds. cheap, filling, and full of vegetarian protein.

Anonymous said...

We have homemade chicken enchiladas and Shepherds pie (great way to sneak LOTS of veggies in I put in corn, peas,carrots and then potatoes on top) we always use ground turkey but I went to garners in VB and got lamb the other day I cant wait to use! Homemade pizza is also a great way to throw all kinds of veggies in and they will eat it lol.