Thursday, August 08, 2013

Our Temporary Home

So, I don't know if I ever posted about where we are living now. We are staying with my parents while the house we are going to rent is getting all spruced up for our arrival. We have taken over the back two bedrooms and just this morning, I feel like we are basically settled in and there are places for all the things. And that's an important for me; I need things to have places. This was the first morning since we have been here that I could just take my time after waking up. We didn't have any chiro appointments, we didn't have any dentist appointments, we didn't have any doctor appointments, we didn't have boxes to unpack, we didn't have items piled up to take to the storage unit, and there wasn't laundry piled up waiting on me to wash, fold, etc... I unhurriedly dressed the girls and cleaned the kitchen. I unhurriedly folded a load of laundry with Mom. I'm unhurriedly eating breakfast while typing this post and in a few minutes, I'll unhurriedly make my way to the  shower. It's been a nice, calm, quiet morning. Hooray!

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Laura Kathryn said...

Nanny and Pappy's is a good place to be when you are betwixt and between. Glad for your unhurried morning.