Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. It was really, really good.  Jason had lined up babysitting for the WHOLE day. We took the girls to school, came back and got ourselves and the house cleaned up, dropped Nora off at the babysitter's house, and took off. We ran a few errands in Fort Smith and then headed for Fayetteville. We stopped for lunch at Taziki's where Jason had stuffed grape leaves, salad, and soup and I had a basil pesto gyro. Then we went to a nearby town where we looked at some land we are considering buying. Below are two pictures of the plot.

We stayed there a while and visited with some friends that live a couple of houses over from the land and then we went into town and got pedicures. I have been trying for years to get Jason to get a pedicure with me. He liked the massage part but that's about all.
Then we went to Bravo's Italian Restaurant for supper and Lowe's for flowers. It was a nice, relaxing day. Apparently, it was just what I wanted. :)


Laura Kathryn said...

:) :) :) This makes me happy.

Laura Kathryn said...

And the land is beautiful!!!

Pearl said...

GORGEOUS. How very lovely.