Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Rent House- Before

Welp. I have some before shots of the rental house. It's ok if you shudder because you can take comfort in the fact that the house does not look anything like these pictures now. It's all pretty and shiny and very soon will be clean.

We had to replace some of the ceiling tiles in what will be the schoolroom. I was going to paint this room but my stamina has run out and really, the walls will be mostly covered by bookshelves and maps.

This picture is from the back of the hallway looking in towards the kitchen and dining room.

This is the living room. We painted it a nice non-color called Night Mist. It's purdy.

This is the bathroom. Ha! Just seeing if you were paying attention. This is the kitchen and those green cabinets will be a fresh white eventually. The paneling in this area will be painted white, also. The lower cabinets will stay unpainted. And the attic stairs won't stay down. :)

This is the fun screen door that leads from the dining room to the laundry room. Jason and Lyndol put new walls in here and Alisa painted the floor.

AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! That's all I have to say about this color.

This is the back bathroom and I won't do much in here besides give the walls a coat of white paint.

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Sorry. I can't help it. This is the girls' bedroom. It is a beautiful, crisp, lovely, white color now.

There was some old paisley wallpaper on this wall. Right now, it's just white but I have some wallpaper picked out to purchase at a much later date.

Welcome to the front bathroom. I'm going to take the door off the cabinet so it's just shelves and paint it white. The paneling will also be painted white.

This is an inside shot of the laundry room, halfway through construction.

Lyndol and Alisa had the wood floors refinished and they are BEAUTIFUL. They look brand new.

We've made a lot of progress since these photos were taken and I'm getting really excited to be able to show you after pictures! The plan is for some of the moving in to take place next week. Hooray!


Debbi said...

I LOVE the floors!!! bless ya'lls hearts, i can tell you've had your work cut out for you! I know you, it will be adorable when you get done:) you'll rest up and eventually attack the walls in the school room!ha
God bless! I'm tired for you:)

Drewba said...

my wife would love that you said "painted white" so many times

AIMA said...

Amazing floors!!! I'm sure it looks like a new place already!

JCrew Mama said...

So excited for you! I know you can't wait to move in!

atik khan said...

Floor is looking so beautiful!

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