Sunday, October 13, 2013


Nora woke up at four-thirty this morning with a fever. Sometimes, when my girls have fever, they become very talkative and chatty. Eily is always that way and the other girls do it from time to time. Last night, Nora took her turn; she was shaking from the fever but chatting and chatting about all the things that were flitting through her little mind. Finally, I put on "Barney" aka The Andy Griffith Show, and she fell asleep while watching. So this morning, she and I slept until ten-thirty and the older girls made themselves breakfast and played in the schoolroom- I think. To be honest, I don't know what they did because I was passed out solid.
Once I finally got out of bed, I had the girls clean their room and make their beds while I cleaned the kitchen. Yes, they can fix themselves breakfast but the aftermath is a bit shocking.  Then they all drew and colored in the schoolroom while I started laundry, swept, mopped, etc.... We ate lunch and then the younger two found themselves in the closet in their room (it's very big) playing Mama and Baby. Right now I can hear them giggling.
The older two didn't really know what to do. The were bored. They were tired. They wanted to paint. (NO)
So I used my extensive background and conducted my first class of Pasture Play and Adventure 101. I really didn't know that these types of adventures had to be taught; they came to naturally to me as a child. But the girls have grown up in a much different setting than I did so apparently they needed a little prompting. I explained about the excitement of orphans on the run, of "getting lost", of pretending to be The Boxcar Children. So they are on their adventure. They are feeling timid about braving the wild alone but they have packed a bag of some essential survival items. These items include tea cups and saucers, plastic forks, a blanket, a plastic medicine kit and a diaper bag.

God speed, little ones. And God bless. 


nanny said...

I love those adventures. Being city raised, it was hard at first to let any of you go out in that huge deep dark dangerous pasture. ( Well, that's what it looked like to me. ) But you had so much fun

Debbi said...

did they love it? atleast Nora was nice and kept you up on a day that the other girls did not have school:)) hope she is better!