Friday, January 03, 2014

The moment where I rested

Today was a good day but a little bit exhausting. We all slept in this morning and it just seemed to take longer than normal to get my engine up and running. I finally started breakfast and Eily helped me make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. It was very exciting because it was her first time to crack the eggs all by herself.

Then I did the thing that I've been putting off all week. I emptied out the trailer. It took all afternoon but the girls and I finally got all the presents organized and put away. It's a good feeling to know that is finished for a year. Elaina and Claire have been very cute with the whole not-buying-anything-new situation. This evening, Elaina was telling us that it really doesn't matter if we don't buy any new toys because it's so easy to make things out of the items we already have in our house. Then she told us how she was going to make a play gun using some cardboard rolls and an empty crayon box. See? That right there is one reason I felt this was such an important thing for our family to do. We are all so used to just buying what we need instead of seeing if we can first make do with what we have.  For example, the girls got some new doll clothes for Christmas and the basket that we keep them in is already completely full. I immediately thought,  "Oh, I need to remember to buy another basket the next time I'm in Fort Smith." Then I remembered The Rule and decided that we either needed to get rid of some doll clothes or just use a container we already have for the new clothes. I ended up putting them in a cloth book bag that I had up in the top of my closet and I'll just keep my eyes open during the year for a used basket.

Then we ate salad for supper and Jason, Elaina, and Eily left for basketball practice. Claire stayed home with me and Nora because her mouth had been a bit sassy today. (Well, every day if we are being honest.)

Now, I'm going to go read to Nora and get her to sleep so that I can spend some quiet time reading before Jason and the other girls get home. I hope you are having a nice, calm evening.


Debbi said...

too many doll clothes? never! glad you kept them all. other wise we wouldn't buy anymore....and they will enjoy them.
big closet is a life saver. i think they got enough new Christmas projects (gifts) to keep them busy for some time. Elaina made a great banjo at our house from a white paper plate and papertowel roll. she is good with her projects. Nora tore it up and she was quite upset.
This will be a good year...we don't need things...just peace and contentment:)

AIMA said...

Of all things, Elaina used a gun as an example. I love it!

Anonymous said...

your blogging skills are going to rust, B.... Give us something!