Friday, January 31, 2014

End of January Report

We made it one month without buying something new. Mostly.
These were my cheats:

2 dog dishes from Dollar General for Samson's food and water.
A chew toy for Samson from Dollar General
A dog collar and a flea collar from Dollar General (These were for Jason. ha! Just kidding.)

This is what I bought new that was under "forgivable" categories:
Pencil Sharpener

These are the items I had an impulse to buy but then remembered not to:
Too many to remember

Seriously y'all, I had no idea how easily I bought things, unnecessary thing, without even giving it a second thought; baskets, house shoes, clothes, decorative items, cooking utensils, more, more, more.
This month has been very eye-opening for me. But what it hasn't been, is hard. I am grateful that the impulse to buy has been easy to stifle. I even went through Target and TJMaxx without getting one thing that wasn't on my list. I actually went into TJMaxx and came out with nothing! Today has been the first day that I actually feel an urge to shop. Instead, I'm going to waste a little time on Pinterest looking at some ideas for my future house, and then get busy cleaning my current house.

What I've already taken away from this experience:
Think before you buy
Sale racks are deceiving

That last one may sound odd but it really isn't. Several people assumed that my resolution only applied to full-price items but no, it applies to all new items, on sale or not. Before, I would have browsed the sale aisles, congratulating myself on saving money as I tossed things in my cart. Now I avoid the sale aisles, congratulating myself on actually saving money and also shaking my head at how easily I was tricking myself beforehand. Now, if I do for real need something, I'm going to check the sale aisle first, but other than that, I'll pass.

Have any of you had any denying-the-impulse success stories?


Sarah said...

I'm not the most successful, but I try and get into the habit of before checking out, looking in my cart and questioning every item. "Do I really need that". Most of the time when I remember to do this, I end up taking a few items out that weren't really necessary and just impulses.

nanny said...

I've been with Sarah when she has done that. Here she is with things in her cart, going, nope, don't need that. Nope, don't need that. Before you know it, at least half of the stuff has been thrown out.

I think you have done a great job. Listen. If Jason needs a new razor, just let me know and I will get him one. Apparently his old one must be missing 😉

Anonymous said...

well done!

Drewba said...

my achilles tendon is Kroger's Manager's Special rack. If i go by it, the odds are high that I will walk away with something therefrom. Sometimes I am successful in avoiding it completely.

Debbi said...

good for you! build up a "new house" one day savings:) I've not been tempted this year just because I don't see anything that catches my eye??? could be old age:)
it is easy to "emotional shop". being aware is huge! running a family makes it harder. proud of you!