Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sickness, Snow, and Staying Busy

I've been reunited with my desk top and I think that's going to mean steadier posting. It's just so much easier to post from here and also, when I sit at this desk, I'm on a mission and I don't get distracted. (Excuse me for a moment while I go check Facbook.) 

Apparently this is The Winter of All Sicknesses Known to Man. I'm ready for some fresh spring breezes so I can air out this place and feel clean again. We have been trying to stay busy despite the hacking coughs and fevers and this is some of what we've been doing. 

Nora plays with Samson every chance she gets.

Eily has been practicing her pull-ups. She's very impressive.

Nora has slept- a lot. 

A lot, a lot, a lot

I finally took these two to the dr. They had fun with the coughing masks the front desk provided.

I've been taping hearts every night on the wall in the girls' room since February 1st. They LOVE it.

Other than that, we've watched a lot of I Love Lucy, 

 danced, did a biology lesson , 
and I built this sucker. Let me tell you, it was no easy task. 

Look at that toilet. It took me over thirty minutes to figure out how that thing went together.

And this cabinetry? Don't even ask.

Dining Room

Living Room

Front of House
This took two days to build. I'm pretty sure I now qualify for a Master's in All Things Involving Paper Tabs.


Anne said...

LOVE the dollhouse!! Where did you find it?

nanny said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Debbi said...

oh Bekah, I'm so sorry I bought that for Claire at Christmas. It said for 6yrs old and up!HA
and you are the MASTER of putting things together.ha. so is Claire. I found this at BOOK'S A MILLION and I thought it'd be a project for Claire.ha. you can kill me later! sorry!!!! it is impressive and pretty though!ha I'm sorry I'm laughing. atleast you finished it...I'd of thrown it away when they were not looking.ha.ha