Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Darkest Hour

There's that hour and a half in the evening, that time after supper but before bed preparations, that time slot that seems to drive you crazy but is also exciting because it means sleep is near. That time is hard when you are parents of small children. For me, it's the time that I dream of a cleaning my kitchen, and then having a quiet moment where all my little angles are quietly sitting and reading and the house is spotless and I feel great because I spent the entire day being productive and now I am entitled to rest. But that is not usually the scenario of that time slot. No, not at all. Some days I've been productive, but some days I've just managed to keep my head above the water. Most of the time, I'm so exhausted from the after school rush, the homework, and the supper prep that I just stack the dirty dishes in the sink and remind myself that they can always be cleaned in the morning. Then I just try not to lose my cool as the girls have obviously been injected with the adrenaline rush that all children seem to get right after they've finished supper. Who is supplying this stuff and why didn't they give some to me?
Honestly though, I remember finishing supper and then running off to play something with the other kids. It was a really fun hour of the day and as a child, it never occurred to me that I might be driving my parents crazy; that they might be wishing I would just sit and stare and just be.  But they never said anything, not that I can remember, and we played with so much enthusiasm and energy until it was time to get ready for bed. And these nights, when the girls get up from the table and start their games of hide-and-seek or coloring contests or whatever it may be, I just take a deep breath, remember how my parents treated me, and keep my mouth shut. And sometimes, I even muster up enough energy to join in their games. (Tonight is not one of those nights, but it does happen every now and then.)

After I wrote this post, I came in the living room and found the three older girls lined up on the couch reading books. And I smiled and thought, "Finally!" And now, five minutes later, we have one on the ground crying, one on the couch crying, one standing on a chair, singing in her loudest voice while she waves a swimming noodle in the air, and one trying to sword fight her sister with the remaining noodle. Well, it was nice while it lasted. :) 


AMAY said...

This is a perfect description of my feelings at this same time of day. Summer makes this time of day more enjoyable because you can kick them outside for the adrenalin purge. Hang in there, Mom, your doing a great job.

Debbi said...

loved this post.....it's very normal and all mom's can relate...once, I wrote a poem "Thank God for the night time" and it's all about this same thing:) you'll find it in my stuff when i'm dead and gone.ha.
everyone loves a poet when they are dead.ha.ha.

anyway........this will pass so fast that it is shocking and you will actually wonder...where did the time go and you will forget all the stress...and God brings forth only the good in your memories...front and center. you remember the weirdo times...but not as clearly as the sweet stuff. God is GREAT:) you are doing a goooood job:)

nanny said...

The best time of day was after supper when I could sit on the porch and just watch y'all play. You made up some neat games too.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

Love this!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

Love this!