Thursday, August 07, 2014

By the time you're 30

One of my sisters and I were talking yesterday about how there are certain things a woman should have by the time she is thirty. I continued thinking about it after our conversation had ended and came up with a few more things. Of course,this list is a bit silly and not at all meant to make anyone over 30 who hasn't achieved these things feel bad. It's just a few fun thoughts.

- A signature scent. I actually have two, and one of them I just discovered within the past two weeks so really it's a soon-to-be signature scent. For normal "I'm headed to Target" type days, I like to wear Eau So Sexy from Victoria's Secret. 

It is the perfect blend of sweet and musky and has a very light and fresh feeling. 

For more special occasions like a wedding or date night, I like to wear Very Sexy for Her by Victoria's Secret. I know, I know, there is a definite trend in the names and I promise- it has no bearing on my original decision to try out the scent. :)
This smell is a bit more spicy and bold. It's not one that you want to spray more than once since a little goes a long way. But I've gotten compliments on it many times and it makes me feel like I'm headed out the door for something really special. 

- A set style for her home
Now, I'm not saying that your home should actually resemble this style, but in your head, you should know what you like. My home is far, far from what I want, but I'm to the point that I like waiting to get what I really want instead of getting some filler item that will just end up being replaced. 
To find your style, I recommend starting a Pinterest board and for about two months, pin everything you like. 

Then, after you have a pretty good collection of pictures pinned, go back and edit your board. Delete what doesn't resound with you the second time around. Then repeat the process all over again. As you are deleting the second or third time, you should start to notice a similarity between what pictures you have kept. The pictures that make the cut two or three times should really tell you what look you are drawn towards. I had always thought I was a color-on-the-walls type of girl. I had painted our homes very bold colors time and time again. But guess what? Almost every pin I deleted was of colored walls and almost every pin I kept was of clean, white walls. In our current home, I am/have painted almost all of the walls white and I have never been happier with the outcome. I realize that trends come and go, but I really think by the age of thirty, a woman should know her base design for her home, and work the trends in (and then out) as they happen. 

- Knowing Her Flaws
So this one -for me- is easier said than done, but I have picked up on some ways and habits that I need to kick to the curb. 
I need to be better about waking up before the girls. I like my sleep, people. I also need to be better about letting the girls make messes. My girls know how to clean and they do it well, so there ought to be times that I just let them play and don't panic about the amount of work that will follow. I won't be cleaning it alone- or as is often the case, at all. 
I have more but I don't want to air them here. 

- Being able to hold her tongue
Look, you are a grownup now. Start acting like one. Back when I worked in a business, I was constantly amazed and appalled by how childish and petty some of the other woman in the office would act. It was really disturbing at times. 

So, that's what I've thought of so far. I'm sure there are a lot more. Tell me readers, do you agree with what I wrote? What achievements can you think of, silly or serious? Any tips on reaching those accomplishments? 


rachel tsunami said...

It's a good list. I'd love to know the verbal list that came before this. In conversation with your sister.

Barbara Lowrance said...

I love it! And agree! I love reading your blog. Here's my addition: you should know a recipe or two that you make for your family by heart - not just a throw it together pasta/meat meal but an actual "requires measurements" recipe!

That's just for me really - I'm ok off recipes for most stuff but not baking - consequently I only recently realized that I finally know a few multi-ingredient-measurements-matter recipes! FINALLY!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

i like it! I like the pinning idea as well. I just painted my walls white and I adore them!