Thursday, May 07, 2015

Internet and Buttons

We are in the process of trying to buy a house. Every couple of days I'm having to e-sign this and scan that. Yesterday, I had to scan a copy of the earnest money check to our realtor and a copy of a tax document to our mortgage lady. I sat down to load the documents on the printer and noticed a pajama shirt of Claire's that she had left on my desk. The button had come off and so I grabbed my sewing basket and started sewing it back on while I waited for the printer to do its thing. I guess I should explain here that we have the worst possible Internet and therefore tasks that should take three minutes end up taking thirty. So anyway, I had some time to work on the button and the irony of the situation struck me. Here I was, using modern technology to scan and email papers, and sign important documents, but at the same time, I was utilizing a sewing basket to repair my family's clothes. A sewing basket that held the same items that women 100+ years ago used to fix and repair their families' clothing. And there was something very sweet and comforting in the whole scenario. Yes, the world changes and gets faster and more convenient and trickier, but there are some things that technology just cannot do. And I know that there are machines that sew on buttons, but there aren't machines that can give the time, love, and attention to my children or my husband like I can. They can't provide for them in the way that I can. They can't pray for them. They can't hug them or kiss them. So there are some things that time doesn't and/or cannot change. And it seems that those things are the best things.

So take that technology. You aren't as swell as you sometimes seem to think that you are. 


P.S. But if you could use your fanciness  and tricky ways to speed up the Internet at my house, that'd be great. 

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Still enjoy reading your blog!!!