Monday, June 22, 2015

Harmony Hill 2015

My brain has just stopped working today. We went to Harmony Hill last week and it's the first year I've gone with the girls that I really didn't take any pictures. I enjoyed just watching the memories happen instead of trying to capture them (I was going to add- all on film- but I don't think that applies anymore.) :)
We've been having a busy summer. We are trying to get ready to move and have had some traveling throw in the mix with all the packing. I have really had a lot of opportunities to practicing not getting overly uptight and just going with the flow of things. I haven't always succeed, but at least there have been a few times where I was able to remain cool and laid-back when I would normally feel my chest tightening with panic. Hurricane Bill coming through the area the one week of the year I live in a tent was a good example of that. Water Everywhere. Mess Everywhere. Non-organized tent. Stinky, wet clothes Everywhere. And through it all I just kept reminding myself that it was supposed to clear up by Thursday and I would have time then to get it all put back together. And I did and it was all ok. So I get to count that one as a victory. Yay for calmness!
I miss blogging but I can't promise that I'll be posting regular yet. It's a season of life where I'm needing to let some things go for a while and the blog is one of those things. But I'll be back. Someday.

There are no pictures of Elaina because I basically never see her when we are at HH. She's too busy socializing'. 

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