Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's a very normal thing for me to paint on a room while Jason is away. Poor guy almost never comes back to the same house. Something is always different. On this last trip, I worked on the dining room. It was funny because it was the first room that I have ever been nervous about painting. It's like the stakes were higher because it's a nicer house. But once I started working, all my nerves fell away and I was in the zone. I don't have an after picture because we haven't hung the light fixture yet, but here is one picture to give you a taste of how it will look once it's completely finished.

This will replace the existing light fixture.

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nanny said...

Oh, you need a before of the light you are taking down. Flying Angels over the table is unique in itself. I did see this light fixture on the floor and it really will look beautiful in your dining room. Hey, sell the Angel!