Saturday, October 03, 2015

Here's whats happening lately

Week three of school kind of whipped us for some reason so we met with our CC friends (actually, this is the original group of the FS CC campus.)for some more-entertaining-than-usual review. 

Georgia, Nora, Gillian, Eily, Betsy, Claire, Alice, Elaina

The "before" picture of the dining room finally uploaded. This room only needs to things to be officially finished. It will be a while before I get those two things, but it's exciting to think I'm that close to marking it off my to-do list.  (Well, technically there are three things, but one is very cosmetic and costly and I'm not even sure it can actually be done, so I'm not counting it right now.)

My adult coloring book and colored pencils finally came in the mail. It is so relaxing to sit, color, and watch a show in the evenings after the girls are in bed. You should try it. 

Claire turned 9 this past Tuesday. We continued our tradition of a candle in the breakfast food. 

Daddy took her on a date and sent me a picture of this photo booth strip. 

The girls wanted to celebrate them both being 9 for a few days so they got out their paint kits and spent some alone time outside painting. 

Then, BAM! Elaina turned ten. That's right, I have a child in the double-digits. She had cereal for breakfast so we stuck her candle in a piece of bread. :)

On her Daddy-date, they went plain-air painting. She kept saying it was the best day she's ever had. 

We do big parties when you turn 5, 10, 13, and 16. Since it was Elaina's 10th birthday, we had a private skating party at a local skating rink. Thirty seconds in, someone fell and broke their arm, but other than that, it was a lot of fun. 

Elaina had wanted an ice cream cake but we couldn't figure out where to get one so we brought ice cream sandwiches instead. It worked perfectly. 

I actually did not have any time to take photos during the party, so the ones I have are from a mother who brought her children. There are a lot of kids not in the photos but that's ok. We have the memories and they are better. :)

Attendees: Elaina Sacran, Claire Sacran, Eily Sacran, Nora Sacran, Mama and Daddy, Nanny and Pappy, Aunt Rachel, Eli, Luke, Ryan, Aunt Leah and Uncle David, Lillie, Ian, Elsie, Kim, Catherine, and Caleb Hoelzeman, Mr. and Mrs. Barr (Megan), Alice, Betsy, and Rosie Barr, Mr. and Mrs. Good (Lauren), Gillian and Georgia Good, Audrey Green, Alisha (Mom) and Attley Ellis (the next-door neighbors), Sally (Mom) and Kathryn Israel, Mrs. Pickartz (Amy- Elaina's 2nd grade teacher), Regan and the youngest daughter Pickartz. 

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