Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Catch-up

Hey, guess what! I'm finally not dead tired. It feels so good to be back to my normal speed. Don't get me wrong; I'm all about a good nap, but it isn't an absolute necessity like it was there for a while. 

So apparently the only way I know to blog anymore is to just post pictures and make a comment or two about each photo.  

Claire's right eye looks an awful lot like my right eye did at her age.  

I hope Nora never, ever, ever gets tired of being "just like Daddy". It gets me every time.

 I had a very rough evening a few days back and took a long, long, long walk all by myself. I took off my shoes and enjoyed the feel of the pavement. Sometimes I would also enjoy the feel of the neighbors' sprinklers as I walked past their yards. It probably weirded them out but, oh well. I didn't really care. 

 These two have had such a special bond since the time Nora was born. Claire has so much patience for Nora's stubbornness and Nora overlooks Claire's sassy mouth. They just work together. 

Our homeschool group went to the pumpkin patch and it was fun but so hot. They did have some super cute baby goats to pet and a very nerve-wracking corn maze. 

At one point while we were walking around the farm, Claire said, "Mama, may I take off a pair of socks? I'm so hot!" I said, "A pair? How many pairs did you put on before we left the house?" 


Later on that evening, as we watched the Lamar Warriors make history and beat the Charleston Tigers for the first time EVER, Claire was glad she (I) had carted around those three pairs of socks all afternoon. They kept her toes toasty warm as she ignored the game and buried her head in a book. :) 
Really though, it was a great game and my sister and I have decided I must be their good luck charm since that's the only Warrior's game I have attended. 

It's another week, another set of activities. Happy October!

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