Sunday, November 01, 2015

3 words

So one of my favorite things is figuring out how to decorate my home. I enjoy waiting for that perfect "inspiration" and then figuring out how to execute it in my own way.
I have realized that I have a problem when it comes to actually putting holes in the wall, though. I can't seem to commit, which is very silly because nothing like that is permanent.
I did finally finish panting the little girls' room so I'm very excited to get in there and start making it homey and adorable.

One more wall and a smidgen to go!
One of my current goals is to come up with three words that represent the feelings I want my guests to have when they enter my home. I know that uncluttered is high on the list for me but I think it may end up being somewhat of a secret, fourth feeling. I do like the sounds of fresh, clean, open, homey, comfortable, warm, natural, artsy,  and inviting. I'll let you know what three words make the cut. Once I decide, I'm going to use words those as a basis for how I style the main rooms of the house.

Am I putting too much thought in to this? Maybe. But I really enjoy it so, oh well.

Let me know what words you think of when you close your eyes and think back to places you've been that you've really enjoyed. I really want your suggestions.

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