Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Help Wanted

One day a while back, I was driving along, doing the usual things. You know, using my blinker, not texting, straddling the dead animal in the middle of the road, when it dawned on me that roadkill, a word that is so common and normal in my life, wasn't even a word at all 100 years ago. So now I'm always trying to think of words that are a normal part of my life that didn't exist back then. And I don't mean the obvious things like microwave, iPhone, or electricity. I mean words that didn't come along because of man-made inventions, but because of the natural change of the way of living. Does that make sense? I know that sort of overlaps, but I'm hoping you get what I mean.
So far, I've only been able to think of roadkill and trashcan.  There simply wasn't trash back then. Everything had a purpose. Everything came in something that was repurposed into something else until the only purpose left was to keep the kitchen fire burning. Trash was not a word. Trashcans weren't needed.
Can you come up with any more words that would apply?


Melissa Koller said...
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Melissa Koller said...

Seatbelt. It only came about because of the need for safety as cars began to go faster and safety was demanded.

nanny said...

Fast food.