Monday, May 18, 2009

Molly Got Married!!

We went to Memphis for my cousin's wedding and just about everything that could go wrong, did. Not for the bride, for us. I was never so glad to finally get home.

The house needs picking-up but I really just want to lie around with the girls.

So I think I shall.


Chad & Bonny Day said...

Good for you!!! I want to see pics of the bride! Alaina looks adorable!

Ceridwen said...

I didn't get one picture of Molly. I only had my camera out for a second.

Debbi said...

Me too! The program booklet asked us not to take pics so I didn't. I did think she was beautiful!!!! Elaina and Claire too. Of course Miss Eily was a cutie, but not in the wedding:) Love you all. I"m tired too!!ha.

rachel tsunami said...

I'm sick with the flu, so I'm reading blogs.

In a perverse way, I'd love to read what all went wrong with your wedding weekend. However, I am genuinely sorry to hear it. Sometime I need to tell you my version starring the church secretary from hell.