Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Nora

We did it, we two.  It was excruciatingly painful and now I'm very sleepy, but we did it.

I'm too tired to type much so here are some stats:

Nora James
7lbs 11oz
19 inches long
GREAT nurser
Loud squaller
Has her Daddy's nose
Needs to work on her burping skills

Lasted about 6.5 hours
Would totally do it again if I had to but don't ever plan on it
Elaina was allowed to watch her sister be born. It was special. She did great.
Baby didn't breathe right away. They had to use the balloon pump to get her yelling. It was a little tense. Thank the Lord that she's fine and it wasn't more serious.

We love her. All of us. Even Pee Wee hasn't been jealous. Yet.

First glimpses
 Claire described her to her Bebe as a very tight blanket with a hat.


Kerri said...

Congratulations! Love her name. Glad you both are doing so well! You are one blessed momma! 4 beautiful girls! Wow! God is good! :)

Chad & Bonny Day said...

I hope you post your whole birth story! How did you do it natural? Was that planned? I'm so excited for you, the next baby I have, is going to be an all natural birth as well. You give me hope b/c I'm terrified.

rachel tsunami said...

We were thrilled to hear! Great stats, great job, and wow...impressed with Elaina.

So very happy for you, Dear One. Can't wait to see and hold Nora.

Way to go, Pam. You're just rackin' 'em up.

Wanda said...

Great Auntie Wanda "crowing" from TN - I cannot believe how much she looks like BeBe and Jason's baby pictures... and Claire's description PRICELESS

Much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!