Friday, April 01, 2011

We have nice weather today.

It's a day full of sunshine. Just what this Mommy ordered. The girls have had fun playing outside in the mud and picking Spring Beauties and Buttercups.

When playing outside one must make sure that one wears plenty of hair accessories and extensions.

If it is exceptionally sunny, one must secure a willing umbrella holder. This will prove to be an easy task if one takes the time to find a very obliging sister.

 One must also take care not to soak up too much sun so that one's super duper cute face stays super duper soft and kissable.

One's mother must go into labor soon or said mother just might go crazy.


Debbi said...

awwww. so cute!!! Loved the sweet pics!
I'm praying you WILL go into labor soon. I know you are so tired! Plus, I want to know who it is!LOL
Love ya'll

Chad & Bonny Day said...

You're such a cute pregnant laday. :)

Harris said...

I love my little cousins. Great pictures.

Emily Baker said...

I'm sure you feel like a house, because that's mandatory at this point, but you look great! I would NOT think you were full term if I saw you!

Ceridwen said...

These were exceptionally comforting comments. Thanks everyone.

rachel tsunami said...

so adorable! yes, you too. :)