Saturday, November 19, 2011

Everthing's Better with Two!

I have recently invested in these two items and my goodness, I should have bought them years ago. I haven't heard one bedtime request since I walked out of their rooms. And there are usually quite a few requests before they finally get the picture that we aren't happy and they'd better just go to sleep so as not to keep getting in trouble. Sometimes I believe they are the bears with very little brains. :)


JCrew Mama said...

Our library has these and we love them! I hadn't looked into purchasing them until you posted this -- not a bad price! Do you let the girls fall asleep listening, or do you let them listen to just one story, or do they stay awake for the whole thing ... ? How does that work for you?

Ceridwen said...

We let them fall asleep listening. I just put them on repeat. Claire and Eily go to sleep very quickly. Elaina takes a long time but she takes a long time no matter what the situation is. She's just a night time girl. She's usually very quiet though and just listens.