Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am sitting here all my myself drinking some spark and enjoying the quiet. In a few minutes I need to wake the two older girls but it's just so nice and peaceful that I think I'm going to hold off a few minutes. Last night, as everyone was getting ready for bed, Nora threw up again. This time it was all over Claire's bed. I'm ok with any spot as long as it stays off the carpet. She never threw up again and basically slept through the night so I'm really thinking we just pushed the recovery a bit. Too much food too soon.

Today's plan is to finish digging up the garden. That garden is proving to be quite a task which I think will make the fruits of our labours taste all the more sweet. Except it won't be fruit, it will be vegetables. Except we did buy a couple of strawberry plants.

Except. Except. Except.

So as soon as the bug man comes to spray the house and today's schoolwork is finished, we'll be hitting the ground with our feet running. Except we won't be running, we'll be digging. And we'll be hitting it with shovels, spades and hoes, not our feet.

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