Monday, June 18, 2012

The $1000 Challenge or Rebekah's 6-week Insanity Program

Alright y'all, it's about to get very real. At least for me it is. Since we are self employed, I pay us once a month. Originally, I paid us on the first of every month but a while back I decided to change to the 15th of every month so that I could be very early on our mortgage payment. The mistake I made was paying us two week early the first time I changed it instead of trying to wait two weeks longer. What happened was we got two weeks behind in our monthly money. For example, I deposited June's money on the 15th of May and while the mortgage people were very happy to be getting their payments half a month early, the rest of the month was messed up and wacky. I've decided to go back to the beginning of the month which means I have to go six weeks without paying us again. I deposited July's money this week and now my goal is to stretch it out through the rest of June and all of July.  I have paid all of the major bills for June and July but there are still the phone, cell phone, water, electric bills, etc... for both months that need to be paid. I am going to be holding myself accountable to you all because it's so easy for me to cave and buy something I don't need. Mostly fast food.

Goal Time: June 18th- July 31st.
Starting Amount:  $1000.00 (See why I'm so terrified?!)

Everyday or two, I'll be posting how much I spend, if any, and how much money is left. I'm thinking if I don't go ANYWHERE, I might make it. Jason still has to travel home from Wisconsin, so we have to pay for that gas, too. But on the plus side, he took the month of July off from traveling so our gas expenditure has the potential to be very minimal. I also have $400 set aside for groceries through July 15th and then $400 more from then until August 15th. Also, the girls have coupons for free Chick-fil-a kid meals, so I will use those when I feel like I'm not going to make it unless I go somewhere.  I just bought toilet paper, so we're good in that department for a while. I also filled up the Explorer this morning and hopefully I can make that last for quite a while.  Are you ready to be supportive? To see way to much of our personal business? :)  Let's Go!!

Monday June 18th

Gas for Explorer: $58.38
Various traveling expenses for Jason- $180.45 (over several days time. I just now added them up.)
Bills that came in while we were in Texas- $55.36

Total left:



nanny said...

of all the people I know in this world, my money is on you to make it. You have a knack for doing stuff like this. And, you know of course, I am here to help if needed.

Debbi said...

I think everyone you know is in your same maybe they will get inspired as well:) you will do this, God knows what you need.