Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Laughing with you

My friend/cousin-in-law/birthday buddy wrote a post today entitled Laugh With Me. I enjoyed the encouragement to laugh more, even at the things that go wrong. This blog has been rather wordy lately so I thought I would find an old picture that makes me laugh and use it for today's post. In fact, any time that I think of a picture that is guaranteed to make me laugh, this is always the first one that pops in my head. Some of you are probably already picturing the same photo in your own heads.  Enjoy! I hope your day is full of smiles.

Claire  2 years old 
She had just gotten a new bedspread and lamp and was proudly posing with her new things.
She thought she looked good. :)


AMAY said...

This worked for me! A definite laugh!! One day, she will hate this picture and that will make it even funnier.

AMAY said...

And thanks for the shout out! I love being your birthday buddy/cousin-in-law/friend! Multi-slash relationships are the best!!

AIMA said...