Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 2 of silence

We are on day 2 of 5 where my mornings are peaceful and quiet. I am enjoying it so much but I'm also missing the girls a lot and will be glad when they are home with me all day again. (Remind me I said that next week, ok?)

Actually, next week the girls and I will be at Harmony Hill. Here's my HH posts from 2009, 2010 and apparently I never posted the pictures from 2011.  We are excited, as we always are, and counting down the days until we leave. Every year we make a paper chain and take off a loop until we are down to the last one. Then "we" squeal and jump and get all giddy as we realize the time is Here and Now.

Happy Tuesday!


AMAY said...

What a great countdown scheme! I may have to borrow this!!

JCrew Mama said...

You have such good ideas! I must be a really boring mom. I am going to really sap you for all your ideas at HH. ;)

nanny said...

Still would like to know what camp they are going to?