Thursday, March 20, 2014

Green Family Day 2014

This past weekend was our annual Green Family Day. This is pretty much my favorite weekend of the entire year. I kind of super, duper love my family and love just watching them all interact.

Nora and I stopped by early on Friday afternoon to see if there were any groceries that needed to be bought and Nora slipped in a quick piano duet with Grandpa. Sometimes, she'll come up to me, wrap her arms around my leg and sigh, "I just love Grandpa."

Family Day is filled with a lot of visiting, a lot of playing, and a whole lot of yummy food.

Ryan, Luke, Kaity, Nora, and Eily

I'm guessing this is the last year Eily will want to hang out at the "baby" table. (Also, Nora's face here is hilarious.)

Love, love, love these boys.

Only Aunt Rachel can make a walker look this classy. 

Isra's eyes are crystal clear blue. I've never seen anything like it.

I found Dan's first gray hair! (You may have to zoom in to see it. There was only the one.)

I claim these two for next year's company. Although, I really should say I claim these  THREE. :)

Uncle Evan gives the best hugs - And also the best lemon drops.

Jessica and Anna

Dalton, Davis, and half of Roy.

Orange you glad he came? 


Shafer, who is looking more and more like Daddy and Uncle Robert.

If I'm sneaky and very far away, I can get a picture of Michael. (And Jack)

I'm pretty sure this is what Grandpa did all day long.

And they played guns all day long. 

This was the first year that we didn't do a  gift exchange, so for just a few minutes, we all gathered around and sang a few hymns and had a family prayer.

Singing hymns

Gathered Together

Huggin' and Kissin'


This year, we hosted Dan and Caitlin (and baby B), and Stephanie(and the other baby B) and Evelyn. We missed having Andrew in the mix, though.
She's giving me the evil eye.
Saturday evening/night was very pleasant. We cleaned up the girls and put them to bed, and then several of the older generation females came over and we visited and made and ate caramel popcorn. I think I'm still digging caramel out of my molars.
Bathing Beauties
Nora, Evelyn, and Eily

Nora, sporting her foam ear plugs.

Evelyn, sporting her amber necklace.

While the babies were bathing, the older two girls read books and visited with Molly, Eleanor, and Caitlin.

Claire thinks Caitlin is the coolest.

She's half grown up already.

It was a lovely weekend. I'm always sad to see everyone leave but at the same time, I'm glad to be able to catch up on laundry. :)
Well, truth-be-told, the laundry is still behind but that's just because I've been lazy about it. 


AMAY said...

Love, love, love this post and all of the pictures. And congratulations to the newly expectant parents!!! I am so happy for them and will be praying for them!

Drewba said...

thanks for these - i dont want to miss one again ever