Sunday, June 08, 2014

Harmony Hill 2014

Day 1- Sunday

Finished setting up our tent site 

"Rescued" Aunt Melissa from sitting on the side of the highway in a broken-down van

Snuck two powerballs meant for the preschool class out of the walk-in fridge. 


Told Michael we have to take a selfie (is it called a selfie if there is more than one person in the photo?) every time we see each other. 

Drank a coffee from Starbucks because Dan hadn't yet brought in his secret coffee stash for the D Door Crew, and because HH coffee is alarmingly awful. 

Helped Eily send "are you coming" type videos and photos to my cousin, Logan, of whom she is very fond. 


Weathered the storm and prepped for the next one that's due later tonight. 


nanny said...

Oh do post pictures every day! Looks like the kids are already settled in.

elliebird said...

Love it. Keep us posted every day!