Monday, June 09, 2014

Harmony Hill Day 2


Big fat four letter word for this day- RAIN

watched Elaina co-lead twice today

Watched Claire have a mini- emotional meltdown from exhaustion

Ate delicious brisket

Ate delicious dinner rolls

Taught my first preschool class of the week

Drew the best Mr. Dopity Do of my career as a music teacher

Took some selfies with Michael

Kathryn arrived!!!

I resisted eating ice cream after General Assembly. That was a first

Nora enjoyed a strawberry push-up

The kids tossed water balloons in the first round of The Recreation Games

Eily and Audrey unintentionally matched


Leah said...

What happened to Elaina's knee? And can you take a photo for me of Lillie? I am so anxious to see how she is doing.

nanny said...

Love love the pics. Need one of Allison if you can catch her.

nanny said...

Oh, and Lillie! And Eli and Luke. And did I leave anyone out? Looks like they are having a great time.

kathy strevel said...

If the first pic in this series is look EXACTLY like your mom--could be a photo of her, in fact I thought it WAS her at first glance. :) it's a compliment
love from Mississippi, kathy strevel