Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Aaannd, we crashed

Well, we all knew that good streak couldn't last too much longer. I overslept, Jason was up all night with a migraine, school went an hour longer than usual, I spent all afternoon on the phone learning how to work a rife machine (boring), the girls trashed the kitchen playing Master Chef Junior while I was on the phone, as I was cleaning up that mess Jason told me an art friend was staying the night, I got mad at Jason for inviting the art friend since I had just finished hosting a different art friend and we have more company this weekend, Jason got mad at me for being mad at him, the girls were irritable with each other, Jason and I got into a "discussion" and so we were almost late for ballet, I didn't look Jason in the eye when we got home from ballet and then he left to go meet that friend for supper instead of having her stay the night, and now I'm here on the couch, pouting and licking my wounds and not feeling very forgiving-ish. But you know what, I have to forgive. I just do. It's what is right and certainly not easy, but not impossible. And I have to ask for forgiveness. Y'all, I HATE asking for forgiveness. I love to show it, to feel it, etc... but I DO NOT like to say the words. And that's an ugly truth about me. I should say it's one of the ugly truths about me because there are plenty to be found.

Silver linings: I did all my prep work for my tutor meeting tomorrow and I'm about to work on the new cleaning schedule. Those two things were weighing heavily on my mind and it feels good to put them behind me. Also, tomorrow is a new day; tomorrow is a fresh start.

I'm still enjoying our routine-y days. I'm slightly obsessing over them, actually.

Is this post to personal? Maybe. But I'm going to take a small guess that you all have had days like this and so you can relate, perhaps smile at my misery a little, and say a little prayer that tomorrow is the opposite of today.

Do I still have readers? If so, I would love to read a comment from you. It helps to know that I'm actually "talking" to someone.  (kudos to Mom for her commenting) :)


Anonymous said...

That's about how long good intentions last.

Anne said...

We are still reading from Texas. And yes, we have all had days like that. Praying today is a better day for you.

nanny said...

I love reading your blog. It brings back memories of my life at that age, it gives me a glimpse into your wonderful life and sometimes I actually learn something new. I remember not talking to your dad for several days cause I was mad over something I don't remember now. Like the time he brought company home from church for lunch. That in itself was no big deal but I had just come home from the hospital from having a baby. A three day old baby! No food in house, the house trashed and four extra people for lunch. Ha! If eyes could have killed! (Funny now though). Oh, I said things that were required, like suppers ready and things of that nature. But, no conversation, no how was your day. And sometimes the mess in the house was overwhelming. Remember me telling y'all to get busy and start cleaning and it had better be good enough for the queen of England? I laugh now cause really, queen of England? Could I not have come up with something better! But all in all, my life was wonderful, just as yours is. I really really do love reading them.