Friday, February 10, 2017


Do you know what the word Flotsam means? I do. I mean, I only learned its meaning recently so I can't act too proud, but I do feel like I could take down a level or two on Trivia Crack with that knowledge. Unfortunately, Trivia Crack allllwwwaaayysss lands on the sports category so I look like a complete dunce to the person playing against me. But if it ever lands on geography (maybe?), I will rock that Flotsam question.

Our house is so dirty. There is thick dust everywhere. Feel free to come write, "I wuz here" on my dresser.

The girls have all been sick this week with a fever-cough-congestion-type sickness.  Somehow Jason and I have avoided getting sick but I don't feel convinced that we will continue to avoid it. It seems to last for about 2.5 days. I don't have that much time to be lazy and unproductive.

Nora has peed on every bed in the house except Eily's bed, but Eily's bed has broken-fever sweat all over it so guess what I am going to be doing all day. Please send powerful back pain medicine my way. I LOATHE changing bunk bed bedding. (Alliteration Alert!)

Wouldn't this post be more interesting if it was full of beautiful pictures?

You know what? I almost never have pictures of Elaina and I am taking less and less pictures of Claire. They are just busy, I guess. And they aren't cutie little babies so the natural instinct to "capture the moment" doesn't happen as often.

We are finally in our groove with school. I guess it's about time SINCE IT'S FEBRUARY. It looks like we will be doing school on and off all summer just to get caught up in math.

Jason and I have plans to go to Italy this summer. He's teaching a workshop and I'm eating a lot of pasta. I also plan on spending a good bit of time in Switzerland. It's an hour by train from where we are staying and it's been on my bucket list for a long time. Want to come with me? I need a travel buddy since Jason will be busy.  Rome is also an hour away so I will be taking the time to make all the Roman Holiday stops. Maybe I should get a pixie cut before I go.

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nanny said...

You need more pictures of Elaina and Claire........they will change into grown women before you even have a chance to realize that they have grown. But, of course, you know this. Love your post by the way.