Thursday, February 09, 2017

Write, they say

"When are you going to post?"

"Why haven't you blogged in forever years?"

"Hey! Post something!"

These are the words I hear (or some form of them) all the time. And I'm pretty sure it's the same five people that say them to me, but those five people matter and so I will try to write more often. I actually do sit down to my computer and click on the NEW POST button, but then I just stare at the blinking cursor and nothing happens. And I decide that a blank post is very boring so I delete the draft and go eat some chocolate chips.

Speaking of fat...
I think my body is beginning to fail me. Or I'm lazy; that could be it, too. I am really packing it on the old waistline and it's not really coming off at all. I did stay very focused for two weeks. I tracked my food intake and exercised in some form every. No skips. No breaks. And while the scale went down a couple of pounds (see? that's not a very motivating number) the inches around my waist didn't change at all. So I did think, "Oh good. I'm making a difference somewhere on this old body.", but apparently I also thought, "Well, that's done. I can eat a lot of cheese now." Because that's what I've been doing and I have quickly reversed everything that I had accomplished. So I'm kind of back at it again today and I'm using this photo for inspiration. I know I look extra rough in this photo, but I get so much enjoyment from it. The best part about it is that I'm holding food. I mean, obviously I was starving myself. :)  I've logged my food into MyFitnessPal app all day, and I put on yoga pants with the hope that it will inspire me to jump up and down a few times. Actually, scratch that. Jumping and my bladder strength are not a good combo. 

My goal for this year is for most of our days to be spent at home. And we have actually had many weeks where we only left the house on Tuesday for CC and Sunday for church. So while I can say that most of our days have been spent here, we have also done a lot of things. It's kind of weird how that's working out that way. My cousin, Logan, married the beautiful Caroline in Waco, TX, at the end of last month. We went a day early so we could stay one night with my good friend, Laura, and do a little sightseeing at The Magnolia Market and Silos the morning before the rehearsal. 

I want this greenhouse/shed thingy

When I look at this I get all inspired to garden. Then I look at my actual garden and laugh. 

 After the rehearsal, we dove to Georgetown to stay with one of our most favorite families ever. Barbara is related to Logan on his mother's side of the family we were all on the same time schedule for the weekend.

Back row: Claire(10), Cord(11), Denman(8), Eily(8), Elaina(11)
Front Row: Teague(6), Lola Kathleen(4), Nora(5)

If these two ever marry, they will make the most firecracker of a couple there ever was. 

 After we come home from Texas, there was one snowy day. And that was our whole winter. And I'm ok with that.
Claire has no idea she's about to be hammered with a snowball.

Also, we were in the nutcracker again in December. Nora was a sheep, Eily was a Buffoon, Claire was a party boy and an Arabian gem, and Elaina was a party boy. Lillie, the girls' cousin was also able to be a Party Boy and Uncle Josh and I were Party Parents. 

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