Monday, June 29, 2009


Update: Number 5 just isn't going to happen.

I do not want to post this. If I post this list then I have to accomplish this list and I don't want to! But I must.
Wah. (I had to whine one more time.)

Ok. Here it is. This ugly list that helps me get things done.

  1. Pick up entire house. (Insert whine)
  2. Wash all PC products and get them organized for tomorrow.
  3. Start laundry. (insert major whine)
  4. Cook an actual meal for supper.
  5. Wake up (insert the largest whine your little ol' ears have ever heard)(maybe this one should be number one)

Here I go. I think that I should drink some coffee this morning.

1 comment:

Wanda said...

I feel your pain... remember, when we are weak, He is strong!!! Hang in there! and yes, coffee is good :) Drinking some right now!