Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I have the tiredness.

What a night.

It started out nice enough. I made a chicken dish that I had seen in a Rachael Ray magazine. You had to guess the measurements so I was really enjoying trying it out. It makes me feel like a better cook if I can make something turn out right without knowing the exact measurements. Jason loved it. Said it was one of his favorite meals. Therefore, I consider it a success. Plus, all three girls ate it. If Elaina eats something it becomes a permanent recipe in this household.

As soon as the older two girls and I scarfed down a bowl of the afore mentioned supper, I told Claire to run to the potty so that she wouldn't pee on herself at Alli's ballgame and we packed ourselves in Jason's car and headed off.

Oh wait.
First I changed Eily's poop diaper.

Oh yeah,

and I forgot to mention that as soon as Claire reached the bathroom, she peed all over the floor. So after we cleaned that mess up, we left.

It smells really good here. :)

The ballgame was fun. Alli's team was ahead when we left and we left right before the last inning was over. I assume they won.
While we were at the game, you know, about thirty minutes after we had left the house, Claire peed all over herself again. Just stood right there in front of us all and let it go. Of course I had no clean panties so I made her sit in her little chair and just be.

Once we were in the car I had her strip from the waist down and then I buckled her in. She fell asleep on the way home so Jason met us at the front door with some clean Curious George underwear and I held her up, he slipped them on and we just put her in the bed. Claire is the hardest one to get down at night so we decided to enjoy the sleeping child and forgo the needed bath.

Eily was already asleep and Elaina protested a minute or two but basically went to sleep pretty fast.

Jason and I were alone - figuratively- and it was only 9:15pm.

It was Amazing.

So we got in bed and started watching a movie that Jason had rented. ( It turned out to be horrible and we didn't make it more than 10 minutes into it before we replaced it with something else. Do not rent Coming to Town.) It was nice to have some time to ourselves....

and then at 9:30 Elaina started crying. I went in to tell her to hush and the strong, disgusting smell of vomit greeted my nostrils. Bleech!

And so that's what we did the rest of the night. Elaina continued to throw up every 30-40 minutes until 4:30 in the morning. She was so pitiful.

She seems to feel fine this morning but I am on my last leg and I have the 2 other girls that I babysit here today.

I might be mean. I am making no promises. I need my sleep.


Heather and James said...

WOW what a day! Sorry Elaina was sick...I'm not looking forward to those nights. At least you two had what...15 minutes of alone time? lol. You take what you can get right? I hope you make it through this day and try to get rest if you can!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

I am so sorry!!! I hate it for you!!! HOpefully you will be able to get some rest tonight!