Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm too tired to think of things to say. Enjoy the pictures instead.


AB. said...

me likems me cousins.

Debbi said...

how sweet!!! I enjoyed your posts. I've been too sick to check all week. I'm better now. I think strongly...mine was food poisioning. EVERY adult at Joe and Christy's adoption party go this. No kids got sick!!!!
they all played and drank juice while all adults set and watched them and ATE the whole time!!!
Sis. Macon has been in the hospital for 3 days with it!!!
I've NEVER been sick like this in my life. Felt like I was dying. EVeryone said the same thing. Joe said I was the 19th person who reported having this. Including him and Christy. Sis. Carolyn was calling everyone today to check on all adults. Each one one had caught anything from them. no kids got unattending realatives and spouses!!! Gotta be the food????
What a shame. It was the NICEST party I've attended in forever! top of the line event!!!!
I'm glad Sis. Anjj didn't go. She's pregnant!!!