Saturday, November 07, 2009

1993 or so

I am at my Uncle Robert and Aunt Rachel's house tonight. It is just lovely. All the children are about helping cook and putting out the fall decorations. The smells coming from the kitchen are wonderful and there is soft music in the background. It reminds me so much of the evenings in our home before we all got growed up and sech. If I could pick any time or place to go back to for a moment it would be to a chilly fall evening at home with everyone there. One of those nights when the fire was going because we didn't have central heat and air and we all ended up together in the Living Room because there was no den and we didn't have 5 different bedrooms for everyone to go to and hide in bed and read a book. We just read on the couch or on the floor with our toes propped up on the front of the stove soaking up the warmth. You know, back before there was The TV.

Mom and Dad, do not despair. I do enjoy watching the old movies with you but those days were priceless.

Plus, that was before I really knew what stress was and my biggest challenge was deciding what puzzle to build or what LightBrite design to work on.

Little tiny children that most definitely read this blog, soak up these days. They pass all too quickly.


Sir Spatula Flip-a-Lot said...

LightBrite was so great! although mixed with fingers that are wet from eating tic tacs... can cause electric shock.

Nardo said...

those were great days. the best fun was shuffling on the carpet in the living room and building up enough static electricity that when we touched anything metal we would shock ourselves. Josh and Adam were expert at this. They could actually get an arch from their finger to the doorknob.

nanny said...

Yes, those were good time. Remember when after getting a bath, you all(one at a time)(and no one else was in there or looking) would run into the living room and jump up on the rocks to get as close to the fire as you could for you were freezing?? Only once or twice do I remember anyone losing their towel and having little round circles branded on their bottoms for getting to close to the stove without something on. Your age would be somewhere around three or four. We had a good stove. It was really really hard to get burned if you accidently tuched it.