Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I would just like to state that the bedrooms, playroom, hallway and bathrooms are clean picked up. I just wanted you to know that. Oh, and I want to thank my mother for folding 123,456 pieces of clothing while she was here last night. And I am losing over half of my little family today and that makes me very sad.

And here is a very strange pair of shoes.

I just needed you to know all that.


nanny said...

You are welcomed on the clothes folding. I would rather fold someone elses, than mine. I thought there were a lot of clothes there...123,456 did seem like a lot!!! lol Glad you decided to go with Jason this weekend. You will have a wonderful time visiting with all the family and friends that you have up there. We will miss you and Jason and the girls while you are gone.

Carrots said...

wow. i just got it. those are ducks on the tip of the shoes!

Debbi said...

We sure enjoyed half your family for a bit:) And, of course Claire has given us new laughs to remember always!ha.
so good seeing you and Eily Sunday too!
Loving family is what we all do best and for that...we thank God for tender and loving hearts. God has sure blessed us by bringing 3 great families into our family.
Aunt Melissa's meal was GREAT and the spirit of love and welcome that she always shows does not go unnoticed by us.