Friday, November 20, 2009

I changed my blogger to Beta and there is no spell check. I'm very nervous about submitting this post.

My house has been getting completely away from me. I kept pondering the reason and came up with two possibilities.

1) Eily. She walks now, has been for a while, and maybe the one added child really makes a difference in the cleanliness of one's home.

2) I spend waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on the computer.

I quickly decided that number 2 wasn't the culprit so I began to watch Eily and see if she really made so much more of a mess than the other two hooligans put together.

She didn't. :(

Which meant I had to face up to reality and un-addict myself from ol' Besty here. Starting this morning I didn't get on the computer until Eily had gone down for her afternoon nap. Well, I did check my email very quickly when I got up to make sure there was nothing important and then closed all tabs except for Pandora. I need my music to help the day get started. What a difference staying off the computer made. The house is picked up and the laundry has been going all morning. Now we are having quite time. Elaina and Claire are resting in the back and I am having a nice, peaceful time on the computer. I lose my steam in the afternoon and since my house is back to par, that's ok. Before, I would finally start working on the house around lunch and then crash soon afterwards. It was just not working.
So, if you need to reach me in the am you will just have to use the phone.


Myers Mama said...

This needs to be my goal, as well!!! Way to go!

nanny said...

way to go. I have my hourly schedule all made out and am on target!! also, my turkey is cooked. today is a good day