Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Claire + Eily (#3) =



Melanie H said...

What on earth is this? So sorry you have so much to clean up!

Rachel said...

Ewwew. What is that?

Anonymous said...

Is that brownie mix - they should hang out with the Jones boys

David and Lillie

Ceridwen said...

It's spices.

Debbi said...

Bekah, my goodness...have you had a year or what????
I didn't have this kind of stuff with the boys.
ok, you need a padlock on all markers and paint and food products.LOL

I would take control of colors and markers and only have supervised "table" time for coloring.
Crown Cleaner from Walmart should remove it all from the walls.
Swifter for the floors.ha.ha.

nanny said...

Hey, I will help with the cleanup. Pick a date!