Sunday, August 01, 2010


We've been working on the bathrooms at our house.
This is our bathroom after I peeled up three very smelly layers of linoleum.
Isn't that disgusting? Claire thought it was too.

And then, Philip came over and took out the sink and cabinet. It was a lovely moment. (I cannot turn the photo. I've never had this problem before. Sorry.)

And then the toilet was removed.
Here's Philip our wonderful friend and a pretty good handyman as well. :)

Then yesterday I painted the walls a color called Ante Meridan.

And here is the main bathroom. I haven't cleaned the black dust from the grout off the floor yet.

Tomorrow the plumber is coming to install the sink and the toilet in our bathroom and secure the above toilet. Pictures will be taken.


nanny said...

Sure like the fact that you used tile in there. Looks great!

nanny said...

Is there tile under the sink in the main bathroom?


Really looks nice! I look forward to seeing it in person.

Ceridwen said...

No. We couldn't take the cabinet out of the main bathroom.

Debbi said...

It's beautimus!!! I'm soooooo excited. the tile AND your paint job are great!!! I'm excited!!!

Pearl said...

How do you like the color in your bathroom?